// Pictures are a content production for my long term client Zoé Lu, a young bag brand from Munich. Shot by Olivia.

Where to spend an afternoon in Paris? I like to visit Musée Rodin because I have a thing for sculptures. Although they are made out of heavy stone they transport emotions and let you dream of an other world. This museum spreads lots of love and sensuality. The Kiss is the most famous object in the museum carved by Auguste Rodin around 1888 to 1889.

A marble sculpture with a shocking background story. The Kiss originally represents the two lovers Paolo and Francesca.

Francesca’s husband surprised them as they exchanged their first kiss, the two lovers were condemned to wander eternally through Hell.

You should have lunch before or dinner after at Le Basilic around the corner. A French restaurant for the upper society. The dishes are not that cheap but very delicious. Musée Rodin and Le Basilic is a winning combination for your romantic trip to Paris.


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