Marrocco, an African-Arab country and here is Marrakech. In this city there is a lot to discover culturally, historically and culinarily. We remember the first two stops of the journey through Marrakech: Riad L’Orangeria and Riad Anayela. Today we explore a very private place outside the hectic city. DAR AYNIWEN welcomes you. 


While the other hotels were in the middle of the Moroccan hustle and bustle, a little drive was waiting for us. The fact that DAR AYNIWEN is located outside the Medina opens up completely different possibilities for this facility. A large garden that offers a surprise at every corner – from exotic birds, turtles to impressive plants.  

Each guest is warmly welcomed with a traditionally sweet minute and guided through the large complex. The French owner developed a passion for special birds, which is now lovingly taken care of here. Every peculiarity, be it the temperature or the food, is addressed. This dedication is also lived out to the guests. 

Time well spent. 

The focus at DAR AYNIWEN is on privacy. Every holidaymaker has his own individual house. The only meeting point is the pool or the terrace for dinner, but here too there is plenty of space for quiet moments and intimate conditions. The main building offers rooms for playing, reading or exchanging – so even in rainy weather, moments of relaxation are guaranteed. 


We were honoured to spend the night in a suite that also offers a covered and shielded Yakusi. The lights around the pool were placed in a very romantic way, so that after dinner a relaxing bath ensured a successful end to the day. 

We were very lucky to experience such a great opportunity. 

Travel Partner. 

This accommodation is definitely something for romantics and couples who want to treat themselves to peace and togetherness after stressful work phases. Of course you can breathe the city air at any time of day, because an inclusive shuttle takes you wherever you want and picks you up there. Safety and care come first. 

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